Saturday, 20 April 2013

ATM Keypad Jamming Fraud - Use the Power of Zero

One modus operandi of ATM fraudsters is to simply jam one digit in the ATM's keypad that is used by customers to enter ATM PIN and the amount to be withdrawn. Fraudsters most often jam the zero because most of the customers do not have a zero in their four digit ATM PIN. This way, the customer is able to enter the ATM PIN and authenticate his card. But when it comes to entering the amount to be withdrawn, the customer would need to enter zero twice because ATMs dispense money in round fighres only. Now because the fraudster has jammed the zero in the keypad, the customer will probably try to enter the amount a few times and eventually give up and leave the ATM. After the customer leaves, the fraudster quickly enters the ATM cabin, releases the jammed zero key, enters an amount and takes money from the hapless customer's account. Read the solution to this probelm below...

The Solution

Use the power of zero against the fraudster by changing your ATM PIN and include a zero in the new ATM PIN. Say, your ATM PIN could be "9308".  Now if a fraudster has jammed the zero in the keypad, you will not even be able to enter your PIN and authenticate your ATM card. In other words, you will discover the ATM keypad jamming even before you authenticate your card. You will leave the crooked ATM and avoid being defrauded. Now that you know, the time to change your ATM PIN is NOW.

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